Our Services

  • bucket excavation

    Bucket excavation

    The Dingo makes light work of bucket excavations, forming paths and tracks, removing concrete, metal, soil, turf sods, kikuyu grass, clay and slips in no time at all. If you need to level a building site for small sheds and house extensions or shift rocks, sand and mulch for a landscaping project call Bay Dingo’s. Even excavation of hard chocolate clay is a cinch for Phil and his trusty Dingo and clearing rubbish from around new buildings is a piece of cake as the bucket is only 1.05 metres wide.

  • trenching services


    Trenching is the ideal method to dig 300mm wide house footings and 150mm wide trenches up to 900mm deep for cables, pipes or to create drainage solutions andfor hedge planting. A Dingo with an experienced operator can create the trenching you need in confined spaces that other machinery can't even reach. Phil can trench accurate footings for you even if the ground conditions are difficult. Need to trench through tar seal or a hard metal drive? No problem…give Phil a call!

  • hole boring

    Hole boring

    Are you building a retaining wall, planting trees or putting in fence posts? Put down that shovel, pick up the nearest phone and call Bay Dingo’s. We can bore holes in 250, 300, 350, 450 and 600mm diameter sizes for posts, piles, retaining poles, tree planting, soak holes and lift shafts up to 7.5 metres deep.

  • rotary hoeing and levelling

    Rotary hoeing & levelling

    Gardening or landscaping gets a whole lot faster and easier with an experienced operator and a Dingo in your corner. For lawn and garden preparation done in a flash, or raking in the seed when required, a versatile Dingo will increase your productivity and profitability. Thinking of laying ready lawn? Then the Dingo can be used to prepare the ground for you to lay the lawn the smart way. Call Phil for further information.

  • mulch bucket work

    Mulch bucket

    Moving and spreading large volumes of topsoil or mulch? No problem, let the Dingo take the strain. A cubic metre can be moved in just five large bucket loads. No wonder we're so popular with landscapers!

  • tip truck work

    Tip truck

    Call Phil on 021 346 467 to quickly remove turf, topsoil, old compost, green-waste or builders rubbish from your site. Due to the size and weight of the machine (920 kg’s with the bucket) Bay Dingo’s can get down narrow drives without cracking concrete. If the project is in Tauranga or the greater Bay of Plenty area call Phil, your limited access specialist, about your tricky excavation jobs.